Increments would be nice in the BUILDER SECTION

The ability to move chords in the Builder Section rapidly by shifting up and down a semitone and a full tone would be a nice addition to the Builder Section and allow you to experiment and change progressions rapidly. It might even to useful to be able to switch in and out of parallel harmony by quickly being able to make a minor chord major or visa versa.

The other useful thing might be to be able to Store a Chord that you like so that you might be able to bring it into a Progression in the Builder as and when you want to. Then to be able to select the root of that chord as well would also be useful.

Lastly I think it would be great if the Song and USER section ( Section A) was released from the Scale Element. So have the Scale element separate to that section so that when you want to look for a Scale the Song/Artist and User section does not disappear entirely. Saves having to recall it all the time…

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Hi @Jumbodude

thanks for the feedback,

This will be available in Scaler 2, directly in the builder editing section for each chord.

Yes, the idea to be able to keep “favorite” chords or even scales has been mentioned a few times.
This will surely be added at some point in the future but we haven’t started working on it yet.

Scaler2 will allow new ways to navigate through content while retaining the selected scale.


Thanks for the reply Ed. what about new Blues Scale or ways to add bIII, bV and bVii to major pentatonics or major (Ionian) or Mixolydian modes. Or have a separate Blues Scale?


New Blues Scales inbound!

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