Individual note playback overlapping with bound chord playback

I’m having trouble understanding something very simple. I get the idea of the binding feature. My issue is that when I play the relevant keys on my keyboard I not only hear Scaler playback of the chord in the relevant position, but also the actual note that I’m playing (as another layer of Scaler output). This is fine if my chords correspond to the keyboard, but if I have multiple chords (say 3 versions of an F chord) then I hear not only the chord but also the actual note that I’m playing, which may have no relation to the selected chord. How can I turn off my single note playback and just hear the chords that I’m triggering?

Sorry, my mistake. Ignore. Scaler only plays chords in bound mode, not note input. Teach me not to attempt something with too many other instruments happening.

This seems related to certain types of controllers and how they are set up. What are you using as a keyboard?