Inoculate AIR Ignite in Scaler?

this is the tool I used for months with my first 24 keys MIDI toy keyboard

I remember it was very easy building melodies & musical phrases with it, and I think many tunes here were made with AIR Ignite

Its development stopped and now is sold for nuts, but I am asking myself if some of its magic features can be implemented in Scaler asking them the code maybe, or a collaborationā€¦

I reinstalled it just now and below you see the result; figure it embedded in Scaler :astonished:

here is a jazzy organ made with no effort in AIR Ignite
here the same MIDI used for EzKeys Dream Machine
here the same MIDI used for EzKeys pipe organ


I looked at it again after some years I think. Page says Windows 10 users have had issues, so not recommended.

I have Windows 8.1 indeedā€¦ I am lucky as I donā€™t want Windows 10

Yes, those were the days. Maybe one day I will be able to resuscitate my 8.1 pc.


You can find a regular ISO on Amazon for a few nutsā€¦
I downgraded Windows 10 very happily this way

You mean Windows 8.1 ISO for broken pc?

I mean a regular OEM ISO code, applied to the ISO downloaded from the Microsoft website and masterized into a USB pen with Rufus or similar tools

Thanks Claudio! Much appreciated.

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