Insert scaler on instrument track in studio one

Hi is it possible, instead of loading scaler as an instrument track and routing its output to a vst, to put scaler as an insert on the vsti instrument track?
many thx erik

Unfortunately not. This is a pain because if you have say 5 instances of Scaler triggering different things that makes 10 tracks. What is needed in Studio One is support for external midi FX, but at present only the native SO FX are supported (arpeggiator, chorder etc). Maybe a future update.

Thanx bill I was already afraid this was the case. One other scenario i thought of; I can combine instruments on one track in studio one, could this be a strategy to have scaler and a vsti on the same track? best erik

No, I tried that and it doesn’t work either!

Thx i don’t have to investigate that than anymore! Do you know if there’s any daws that support the one track approach for scaler + vsti?

Apple’s Logic I believe