Inspiration for a Scaler-based production?

Apashe & Vladimir Cauchemar - RIP - YouTube

Not sure how this was produced, but I see so many components, chords, melodies, rhythms, that could totally be realized with Scaler at the base :slight_smile:

The perfect combination of orchestra, house & trap.

I doubt I will ever listen it
:cold_face: :rofl:

Be that way :stuck_out_tongue:

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You should have guessed, as the piece didn’t have a berimbau, African nose flute or a beganna in it … :slight_smile:

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Not really my cup of tea as the repetitive motif for two minutes followed by a short break and then start again is to me ??? But it does give me hope for my composition. I must get writing again.

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Even though it’s not my kind, sounds great!

I am scared of being trap-ped

I didnt mean for anyone to like it. But based on the structure of the piece, per ed66 perhaps a bit simplistic, it could totally be produced with just Scaler. I say that as a musical amateur and newbie. I just recognize all the structural elements in this piece as something Scaler can do, perhaps in combination with some sound VSTs. Nothing more, nothing less :slight_smile:

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what caused your trap-trauma?

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