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For weeks I’ve been hacking around, trying to produce something (for fun), and I got stuck. But when I tried to do the proof of concept for the velocity dynamics related to the other thread, within 5 minutes I created this unmastered piece…

Scaler 2.5 + Noire by Aleamanic (

Comprised of 4 parallel instances of Scaler playing Niels’ Piano in Funkhaus Saal 3. With the aforementioned Bitwig velocity curve combined with Scaler Humanize features and built in performances (the first 4 under “Adagio”). And then within Cmaj scale just MIDI bound and pressed keys A,G, D, E in a loop, while fading in each of the 4 tracks (Scaler instances)


Nice…I think you should have nixed the un & erd . :wink:

Nice. This is Noire piano correct? I love that piano and use it quite a lot but I have no idea what Niels Piano in Funkhaus Saal 3 is. Could you elucidate.

I enjoy speaking in riddles :wink:

If you follow the embedded hyperlink of my original post, it leads you to this description on the NI product website…

Experience firsthand the signature grand piano sound of composer and pianist Nils Frahm. This is the sound of a unique concert grand – handpicked by the artist, custom intonated, and augmented with a felt damper. We’ve captured the piano in its native habitat – the ambient environment of Saal 3 in Berlin’s renowned, Bauhaus-designed Funkhaus recording complex.

Ok, I misspelled Nils Frahm’s first name, es tut mir leid :slight_smile:

If you would have spelled the name right I would have sussed it out. :+1:

To make up for my mishap, I dedicated a little piece to the other NILS…

Nils’ K1v by Aleamanic (

Based on free VST emulation of Kawai K1…
Nils‘ K1v – Kawai K1 Emulation Plugin VSTi/AU –

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