Install on External SSD? (Mac/LPX)

I apologize for my near total ignorance and appreciate your patient response. I just installed Logic Pro X on my MBP, with the Sound Library on an external SSD.

Scaler 2 install is showing 211 MB in Essential Sounds and 493 MB in Extra Sounds. How do I install Scaler 2 on the Mac to have those sounds installed on the external drive with the rest of LPX’s Sound Library?

Thanks for any help and guidance.

Welcome @Michael_B Currently Scaler won’t allow its library to be moved. That is coming in a future update.

Yes it is possible using a symbolic link. To do it:

  • copy the

…/Users/Shared/Plugin Boutique/Scaler2/Sounds

folder where you wish on an external HD,

  • open the Terminal (Applications/Utility folder), and type

sudo ln -s

  • drag the destination folder on the terminal window, just after the blanking cursor. You will see the path typed.

  • drag also the source Sounds folder on the terminal window.

Then, you should see something like this on the terminal window:

sudo ln -s /Volumes/MacOS/Files/Music/Scaler2/Sounds /Users/Shared/Plugin\ Boutique/Scaler2/Sounds

where “/Volumes/MacOS/Files/Music/Scaler2/Sounds” is the path to my external HD, you will see yours.

  • Move the source Scaler2/Sounds into the trash (or where you wish to keep it safe)

  • press return on the terminal window, the terminal will ask to type your system password, do it.

At the end, you will see an alias folder appearing into the Scaler2 folder, it is the symbolic link. But please consider that a symbolic link is not simply a standard alias.

Hoping this will help,

Stefano Daino

This is available. Using ScalerSettings in
Scaler 2.2 you can set the library location.

Support will have more details for a Mac.

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