Installing new version 2.0

Just checking to see if you can install 2.0 and still have 1.8? So you can use either one? I would assume so if the DLL’s are named different.

Can’t wait to dig in…

Yes both are different, if you encounter problems just reinstall and reboot

Thanks, I installed 2.0, and used the same directory as 1.x. However, Bitwig never saw 2.0. It still sees 1.x fine. I uninstalled 2.0 and reinstalled in a separate directory (still in Bitwig’s scan path) and I still don’t see 2.0 in Bitwig (latest non-beta version).

Bitwig sees it in it’s area where you can pick and choose to isolate VST’s from each other (settings). But when I go to add an instrument, it only sees the 1.0 release in the instrument browser.