Instrument List Not Functioning

I cannot open my instrument list to change my sounds in Scaler. It only shows MIDI FX in the area where the instrument list should be… When I click on MIDI FX I get no other options to choose. I’m using Logic Pro X as my DAW.

Scaler comes as different plugin types due to some DAW peculiarities. Seems like you loaded the Midi FX version. Check to see if you can load the other version. Also see the first few pages in the Scaler manual about that. Click on the Scaler logo in the upper left corner in the plugin for the manual (under Help)

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Why do I not see MIDI FX in my instrument list. He is always using it in all the videos on youtube. I checked on the VSTi and the VST, both do not have that, i can still use it , i just set it to OFF, is that only on the mac version?

yes indeed…


ahh, okie thank you for the reply i was uncertain

Thanks Bernd for the help. I’ll see if I can install the other scaler version