Interesting audio/MIDI connector utility

I have no connection with this company but thought some members here might like to know about this.
The Blue Cat Connector is an interesting utility for routing audio and/or MIDI in various ways on your computer in different hosts. It looks very useful possibly for Scaler or other connection needs.
I just personally find it cool and useful so I may pick it up while it’s on sale.
It’s on sale at JRR Shop just here - | Blue Cat Audio Connector
This is a quick over view —
Blue Cat's Connector, The Virtual Cable Plug-In In Action - YouTube

[ADDENDUM] @yorkeman’s post below is about Blue Cat’s Patchwork and not Blue Cat’s Connector which my post is about.

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I bought Blue Cat after Plugin Boutique proposed it as a solution to dealing with multi-channel midi input for Live users (which does not support midi channels), the specific source software in question being Instacompser.

However, there is no way IMHO that Blue Cat could do what was implied. The product does not have any capabilities to route outgoing midi to different ports, and therefore it’s not a mechanism to use software such as Instacomposer in Live.

You can by default only route mixed audio to Live by hosting the VSTs in Blue Cat. {There is a capability to route audio to ‘aux’ channels, but that doesn’t help much.]

So you can’t use any of the Live facilities at all, other than using Live to record the audio stream. I don’t think Plugin Boutique’s video was very helpful with respect to Live users for solving the splitting of multi-channel midi.

I have tried MIDI Translator Pro | Bome Software , but that is a bit fiddly to set up.

However, I have been working more with Cantabile (apparently pronounced Kan-tab-ee-lay ), as the free version is a great lightweight way to run Scaler without firing up a DAW; unlike Nanohost, it supports VST3’s. Here’s Scaler conected to DUNE 3
fig 4

Cantabile Solo (I upgraded the other day) seems to be a hidden gem of midi capabilities. It handles multiple midi ports

You can route source and target channels with a variety of conditions

and apply filters to any routing

It also has more sophisticated facilities for managing things like sysex and so on.

As it’s graphical, it very easy to set up.

I’m exploring more and may put up a tutorial to cover a variety of situations with multi timbral devices.

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@jamieh just pointed out that Blue Cat have ‘Patchwork’ and ‘Connector’, and I only just noticed that he was talking about latter, whereas my comments were about the former. So I am ignorant on the capabilities of Connector, but will explore it. Apologies to @jamieh for misreading this.

However, my comment about ‘Patchwork’ still stand. Pugin Boutique pitched this as a way to deal with multichannel midi into Live with BC Patchwork…


The PIB video implied (by any interpretation of the wording) that you could split the midi channels into Live, but I see no way that this can be done. The only thing he showed was a single audio channel into Live, but mixing or any channel specific activities had to be done in Patchwork, not Live., and absolutely noting could be done with midi.

If course, if you liked a tune you could drag the channels into Live, but Patchwork is then just an auditioning tool, and there are other (cheaper) solutions for that.

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Indeed, Jamieh’s news referred to Connector, a new plugin from Blue Cat’s. As for Patchwork, I totally agree with you.
I have Cantabile Solo and it works very well, but after taking the Plugin Alliance Musician subscription and trying Gig Performer, I decided to buy the Full version of Gig Performer 4. It allows you to split the midi output into different output channels that can be taken to Live
Also, you can make buttons and faders that you can drive from a midi controller directly. It is fun

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I also use Gig Performer and find it super useful and rock solid. I didn’t mention it here as it’s not cheap at full price. But Plugin Alliance always has sales so you should never pay full price for their stuff. They also send vouchers if you shop regularly. I subscribe to the Mix and Master bundle so I get to try many products and when I find a few I can’t do without I pick them up permanently on sale. I think Gig Performer with a voucher and a sale was about $50 or so. As @yorkeman says it is fun and highly recommended.

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Continually, Plugin Alliance offers very interesting offers to its subscribers. I think I paid about $60 for GigPerformer 4 Full (a real bargain for a program that allows you infinite settings for live performances or classes, with latency close to 0). It has a LINK button to work directly with Ableton Live. It works very well. Fantastic
Currently, in addition to the almost daily offers, I have a monthly voucher for an extra $25 discount after the very good offers. Their audio plugins and instruments are top notch. I recommend it

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One of my many racks used to play with Kontakt and Scaler and reverbs.

How does mainstage handle midi as I have a version can you allocate midi ? How would this compare to Gig 4 ?