Intermittent Scaler audio detection Functionality With Logic Pro

Scaler 2.7; Logic Pro 10.7.5; Macbook Pro (12.6); Novation Launchkey (latest Script Installer)

Problem: When opening Scaler on a new track and attempting to record/capture/detect any input from my Launchkey Keyboard Controller, nothing happens. Yet I can hear audio perfectly on that track before adding Scaler.

I know the audio ‘In’ is setup correctly because the Audio Level Meter inside Scaler is moving perfectly (matches key velocity), yet no notes/chords are detected by Scaler when using even the simplest Logic Sounds (‘Software Instruments’) from Logic’s Sound Library; solidly hitting/pressing one key at a time.

Without changing tracks, sometimes changing Logic’s Software Instrument for that track, THEN going back to the originally selected Software Instrument, will cause Scaler to suddenly work…but only for a short time before cutting out again. Same thing happens when trying to ‘Detect’ the audio/sound previously recorded on that same track…during playback of the track’s clear/simple audio, Scaler won’t detect even the simplest notes. Sometimes removing Scaler from a track, then re-adding it, causes it to work for a brief moment.

Also, sometimes when adding Scaler to a track, the audio for that track cuts out completely. Creating a NEW track sometimes causes Scaler to then work properly…but again, not for long.

The fact that re-adding Scaler back to a track, changing the track’s ‘Software Instrument’, or creating a new track – changing no (zero) inputs/outputs or Logic settings – causes Scaler to suddenly work/function (on occasion) would suggest my settings are correct.

Disconnecting my keyboard controller doesn’t seem to help either. I get the same poor results using Logic’s ‘Musical Typing’ (Mac’s internal keypad). Hitting keypad notes with Scaler Meter Level operating (seeing the input), but no notes are detected/populated by Scaler.

I have 2 Macbook Pros and the issue can be replicated on both. No other Apple plug-in has this issue. Scaler is the ONLY 3rd Party plug-in I own.

I have re-installed Logic Pro, Logic Pro Sounds, and Scaler, all to no avail.

I’ve also read the recent thread where folks are claiming Scaler WITH Logic is ‘buggy’. See here…


Thank you.

HI @pkr3 What are you trying to do exactly just so I’m clear? Sounds like you want to detect midi notes but trying to do it via audio? I have exact same setup on my MBP and no issue at all with audio or midi detect.

Hi David,

Really appreciate your prompt response, and subsequent email of ‘solutions’. However, none of the solutions worked.

I’ve simply been trying to ‘detect’ (capture) AUDIO via Scaler; wasn’t attempting MIDI to AUDIO conversion, etc. Just a very basic/simple initial Scaler ‘function’ – ‘detect’ audio.

After numerous and maddening hours of testing/troubleshooting, even using different keyboard controllers, sometimes NO keyboard controllers and just the Mac’s keypad (‘musical typing’), various operating systems and mac computers, I found the culprit(s).

I can confirm there are MANY Logic Software Instruments (‘sounds’) within its ’Sound Library’ (aka, ’Software Instrument Library’) that Scaler does NOT like, nor will ‘detect’, or ‘capture’. Even some of the ‘simpler’ Software Instruments within Logic’s Sound Library under the ‘piano’ and ‘organ’ categories. No other plug-in I own has conflicts with Logic’s Sound Library Software Instruments.

As luck would have it, the ‘piano’ related ’Software Instrument’ in Logic that was set as my ‘default’ last month during my initial courtship with Scaler, does NOT play well with Scaler…hence, my report of poor functionality.

As more luck would have it, the 2-3 ‘other’ Software Instruments I selected – during troubleshooting – just also happened to be some of the Logic Software Instruments that Scaler does NOT like; very hit-or-miss when ‘detecting’.

WORKAROUND: In short, after changing NO inputs or settings (in Logic or Scaler), and ONLY changing Logic Software Instruments, Scaler seems to be ‘working’ OK/fine now that I have found some Logic Software Instruments (’sounds’) that Scaler likes, or can handle.

Hope this helps folks using the same setup I have, until a fix/update comes along.

edit – Thank you.

HI @pkr3 Audio Detection is never perfect. Its dependent upon many things including the quality of the audio detection (Scaler’s audio detection) and what you feed it. I think maybe you are expecting the AUDIO detection to be the same as MIDI detection. That’s not possible. Scaler’s audio detection will improve but what you are experiencing is not a bug, it’s expected behaviour.

Thank you, David.

To be clear, wasn’t expecting ‘MIDI’ detecting ‘performance’ via ‘AUDIO’ capturing within Scaler.

I’m sure Scaler will improve its ‘AUDIO’ detection in the future. Until then, would be nice to warn others of such, since the online videos/tutorials show vague yet PERFECT examples of the ‘ease’ and ‘simplicity’ when detecting/capturing ‘AUDIO’ in Scaler…ahem…sure, as long as the user selects a Software Instrument that Scaler LIKES. Did I miss the fine print somewhere? Ha!

Anyway, keep up the good work.


Thanks @pkr3 Not sure which online videos you are watching but the AUDIO detection video I made which is the most viewed one clearly states my opinion and expectation of the audio detection. Give it a watch it may be of use to you. Also try some other audio detection software to compare, there are plenty of free ones about.