Introducing note colors (scale degrees and note function inside chord)

Hello, I have seen this request in the past, there’s a guy on the forum named [X-Raym] that did a pretty mockup (the same colors as Hooktheory I believe) to identify scale degree

What would be extremely useful too is the ability to identify the function of a note within a chord just by looking at it’s color

For exemple, in D minor, the F would have a specific color for being the “third” etc.

I am using scaler 2 to study beautiful strings voicing from composers such as nobuo uematsu and when the chord have a lot of voices spread across all the keyboard, it can quickly become confusing what note is the root, what note is the third etc. especially if each note is doubled several times

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Would be cool also if Major, Minor, Sus chords etc were different colours to help speed up work flow visually.

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agree, the use of colors is underrated