IOS: Cannot live record performance into Cubasis

I created a scaler track and chose a song and a performance.
When i start to record in cubasis, i tap the pads in the pattern. I can hear the performance rhythm just fine, and it records into the Cubasis track.
when i listen to track in cubasis, the performance is completely different !
The workaround I use:

  1. In cubasis, where i only have a midi drum pattern, I hit the play button as a reference, and then use Scaler;s CAPTURE process while i bang out the pads in rhythm to my drums.
  2. I save the capture
  3. In cubasis, i import the capture and it creates another instance of Scaler with the proper performance rhythm… all is good …

except for …

Lets say i have 4 measures(bars?). When i import the captured scaler chords, they don’t line up to each measure. I have to shift each chord a bit to line up with cubasis’s measures. Maybe its because I am listening to cubase while tapping the scaler pads… and there is a little latency. I don’t know

Hi @bichon,

If you record on the Scaler track, you have to disable the performance mode in Scaler otherwise it will play two times the performance.
So disable the performance before playing or drag your record to another track and you should be fine.

Let me know,


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BINGO !!! turning off performance did the trick. dragging also works , but i like to play the chords in time with the drum track . the drag method allows me to drag the chords over but then i have to use scaler to alter the timings and everything. otherwise when i drag into cubasis , i have to move the chris’s around etc.
i’ve used computers since 1980 and Scaler is the best music software i have ever used.
my first music program was on my Radio Shaxk Model 1. i used Orchestra 80 software which requires you to input each note in the song. and the instruments all sounded like A pong game lol