IOS export to DAW Issue

Sorry if I’m being a first rate thickie but can someone explain the process of saving an entire state in Scaler for IPad and importing it into my Scaler plugin for use in Ableton within my DAW?

Hi @Klose

you can click on the Scaler logo and press “Export State” this will save the whole session in the User Content within the app.

After saving, you will be prompted with a popup that allows you to manage your content. From there you can press the export button next to your saved session and send it to your computer the way you prefer (AirDrop, email)…

From the desktop version, you can head to the side menu, in the Session tab you can import a state file and select the file you exported from the iPad.


Hey Ed - really appreciate you taking the time to put me right. i’ll follow these steps tomorrow nd report back.

Thank you again.


Hey Ed - so I followed your directions to the letter but there’s a problem. The browser within the desktop version of Scaler doesn’t recognise the imported file. See the attached image. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks again in advance for your help.


I should add the imported file is ‘sessions’ and appears to be a text file, weirdly.


They are .xml files which is a kind of text file. Try adding .xml to the end of the file so it reads sessions.xml and see if that fixes it.