Ios scaler 2 plug-in

Hi when I switch to Daw sync off in the Scaler2 while using as auv3 in cubasis 3
Is there any way to play the complete pattern in section C without binding per chord block
Is any midi learn to that left side play button
Please help and guide

Hi @Divesh

If you press the shift button in the bottom left of Scaler 2 then press the play button next to your Section C Progression Builder you will enable the “Autoplay” feature. If you also enable the loop button next to the play button then the progression will continuously loop.

You can set the time duration of the chords by changing the global chord duration setting in the settings menu.

Hope this helps.

will it on IOS , I did not find this type of feature On IPAD scaler app

Hi @Divesh

Yes this feature is for iOS.
Just press on the Shift button shown in the picture below before pressing any of the play icons inside Scaler and the Autoplay feature will be enabled.