iOS user folders: how to delete?

I can’t figure out how to clean out my user folders/content. I want to set up some organized pattern sets but cannot move, delete, or edit content in those folders.

Hi @sbdeish and welcome to the forum.

Presently you cannot directly edit the user content folder within Scaler iOS but you can export your saved states and chord sets to a destination folder of your choosing. This way you could set up whatever file system you would like on your iPad and export your content accordingly.
When you want to use them you can browse and import them via the Manage/Share User Content folder Import feature.

Hope this helps with what you are trying to get set up.

Thanks for getting back to me; figured some kind of export would be the best way to manage the content but didn’t realize there would be no way to delete empty folders. My user content section is a mess within the app now. Guess maybe deleting the app and re downloading it would clear it all out? Would rather not have to do that if there is any other way around it.

Hi @sbdeish

Sorry for the misunderstanding but you can delete the content from the User Content menu of Scaler iOS. Once you have exported your content to your folders on iOS you can then go into the Manage/Share User Content menu, click the items you wish to delete to expand the dropdown and then select the trash icon. Next time you open up the Manage/Share User Content folder you should no longer see the deleted items and if all items are deleted within a folder the folder should disappear also. Keep in mind though that each time you import chordsets back into Scaler for use, they will show up here again.

Let us know how you go with that.

Not quite working, I’ve made a test folder and deleted the content within it and it’s still there, even after exporting all sets and closing/reopening the app.

Hi @sbdeish hmmm that is not the expected behavior… are you running in standalone or inside Garageband or Audiobus etc?

Using both standalone and inside Loopy Pro. It is just showing that empty folder with a (0) after I hit Manage User Content. I do not see an empty folder when I just hit the big User button next to Artists.


I import many chord packs (such as Prism) in scaler on iPad !

I have it in user part but all my pack are in “chord set”

How I can create folder to have one folder per pack ? It’s really difficult to find the good one with 450 preset in chord set

Thanks for the reply

@james I am revisiting this and still don’t understand how to properly manage user content. Where is the file location on the iPad that chords and states are saved? I can’t find them in my files or in my iCloud Drive.