iPad Distorted Sound Output

Playing any built in sound is heavily distorted… trying to find application sound level as suspect output clipping. Brand new iPad so wondered if it was hardware issue. Not the case as works fine with other media playing. Software version 15.7 on iPad (9th generation). Can’t find a volume control for the application on iPadOS.

Shouldn’t be heavily distorted but as a first step go to settings and adjust global velocity and turn it down, if that helps save it as your default. Welcome to the forum!

Thank you.

So that is not a solution unfortunately.

Further testing demonstrates that Youtube and Garageband for example are fine with the iPad sound and also earbuds plugged in. However very strangely the Scaler internal sounds are fine with earbuds and only go crazy without the earbuds plugged in!

The distorted sound is rather like when sample rate goes out of sync etc. that sort of thing so not like an overloud clipping actually I have realised. The distortion is an extra noise that is unrelated to the note played. If I was watching a Youtube video in a browser on my Mac and changed my audio interface sample rate it is the sort of sound I would expect when the two no longer synced.

So weird that it distorts with the built in speakers but when earbuds plugged in doesn’t… and only does this with Scaler!

I have also deleted Scaler and reinstalled it and also restarted the iPad.

Hi, similar problem here, a very distorted sound for every internal scaler sounds. Mine is a 5thGen IPad with IOS 15.7

Every other music apps like GarageBand or Korg Gadget sound ok.

I am not sure but could be related with this IOS cause the Scaler sounds were ok the first time I installed Scaler and I am sure IOS was older then.

Scaler has version 1.1 now but the problem begun with version 1.0

Of course I tried resetting the IPad and reinstalling Scaler. I also uninstalled other music apps in case there is any conflict.

Hi all, I am not getting this issue even with the same setup as you @irojasr
Would some one mind posting a video with audio of what you are hearing.
Also please try to disable the audio detection by clicking on the AUDIO symbol under the MIDI symbol top left of the screen and quitting out and rebooting to try again…

Thank you David, I followed your advice and now it sounds better. Regards. Note: I tried to insert a video file here but this blog does not allow video files, only images.

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If you want to post a video you would need to have a site to link to, either youtube, which is free or Google Drive or something along those lines.