Is 2.8 coming soon?

Sorry for asking…but looking forward to it !!!


All good, Thursday 25th of May, very soon.


Let’s gooooooo fired up for this!!!

Hey @Kells Welcome to the forum. There is a ton of new updates (genre, artist and song based chord sets, and expressions, performances, rhythms etc) by a wide range of composers, artists and producers. We’ve focussed so much on features in the last few updates that we felt it was time to give some great content to hopefully help our community to get inspired and write some music. Looking forward to sharing next week.


I’ve been looking forward to this update since the announcement. Thank you so much for all your efforts with this incredible tool… :+1:

Hi @James_H Welcome to thee forum and thanks for the good vibes. Hope you enjoy your time around here and with Scaler 2.8.

Every time SCALER upgrades, new content is added.
SCALER is a must-have.

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@davide - Yes 2.8 is on PIB, but unfortunately I installed and the new version ran pretty poorly in Reaper and Cakewalk.

Is this new version WIN 10 specific? I’m running Win 7 and up to this release all was fine.

Had to remove Scaler 2.8 and reinstalled 2.71 and all is back to as it was.

Downloaded and all seems well.

Yay … Ambient progressions :slight_smile:

Exploring now…

PS RIP Tina … fantastic artist. I could never understand how River Deep was not recognised for the incredible production it was.

Session men on the recording included Barney Kessel, Glen Campbell (one of the ‘Wrecking Crew’), Carol Kaye (probably the most prolific pop bassist ever) , Jim Horn and others.

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R.I.P. Tina. Probably the best female singer of the last 50 and some years.


@davide great release! Kudos and gratitude to the whole Scaler team!