Is anybody using Scaler with Bitwig 16 Track?

I am considering getting Bitwig 16 Track (the $99 version, not the full $399 Studio version), mostly to host multiple Scale instances in it. I have been experimenting with Bitwig’s free version, which I think mimicks the full Studio version (without save capability). And it compensates for Scaler’s lack of MIDI automation, since I can just chain many Scaler instances in a track and then with MIDI CC button toggles on my Maschine Jam can just activate the correspondingly configured Scaler instance.

I have mapped my Maschine buttons via CC toggle configuration to turn on/off respective Scaler device instances, each being configured with a different expression/performance setting…

I am afraid that this only works in the full Bitwig Studio version, hence my question if anybody might have used Scaler in track chains in Bitwig 16 Track.


I’m having so much fun with these 64 parallel Scaler 2 instances that I can jam with. Each horizontal row is mapped to the same type of performance/style but a slightly different variation. I have made use across the rows of Performances, Phrases, Melodies, Colors, Themes, Triplets, alternate timings, etc. but all based on the same underlying chord progression. Each of the clips contains a note from C2-C3, triggering the respective chord via key binding in Scaler 2. So the notes are all synchronized across the clips, just different performance styles. I did experiment also with different chord progression variations within the same genre (e.g. Bossa Nova 1-8), but it seems to be a harmonic hit’n miss.

My bedroom producer hardware comprises of a Maschine Jam and a Novation Launch Control XL. Both nicely supported by Bitwig, pretty much the same way as in Ableton Live. I am happy with them.

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:star_struck: Scaler everywhere :star_struck:

Is it your way of asking for 16 mappable “Section C” in the next Scaler? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

How much of this can you save as a template? Do you have to redo it for every project?

Hi @Ed1 , that’s not what I was really thinking of, but now you’ve given me an idea…

I could add 8x8 inside-Scaler pads to each of the 64 Scaler plugin instances, giving me 64x64 total chords. The only inconvenience would be that my Maschine Jam only lets me page only through 8 pages of 64 pads each. I’d have to find a workaround. Maybe I should throw ReMidi into the mix :wink:

I am downloading the demo
I am curious to see e.g. if the 32bit plugin integration is better than ibridge

Crashed 2 times in 5 minutes for 2 incomprehensible reasons: uninstalled