Is it just me or does 2.41 sound & feel a bit more....I don't know....refined?

It might be my imagination or that Calabrian air I’ve been breathing for the last month, but after installing 2.41 last night and just tapping out some melodies while Perform was on, it seemed everything sounded “better”. Some instrument sounds like the Felt Piano had a bit more life (like they had been remastered) and the timing when playing along with a performance just seemed a little…tighter and more natural

I can’t put any kind of quantitative description on it, but it sure seemed different and improved. What would have usually been 10-15 minutes of goofing around with any of the new settings mysteriously expanded to a couple hours of really enjoying what I was creating…which was nothing more than piecing together various performance types and modes of playback in real time. I actually considered recording some of my work but that crazy thought quickly faded.

Don’t know what changed, but it sure sounds great. Thanks team!

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Timing has been improved, yes.

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