Is it possible to rename individual custom chords?

I’m building some custom chords with key switch notes included for specific instruments and would like to rename the individual chords. I looked at the XML for the chord sets but did not see anything. Has anyone tried to do this?

It’s not possible at the moment. Would you like to use another existing name for the chord (ie: forcing an Amin7 to be named C6 or Cmaj add 13) or to use a completely custom name?

A fully custom name (or custom suffix/prefix) would be great, but my scenario is probably pretty oddball and more of an experiment than anything else. I’ve been a little obsessed (and very impressed) as of late with what I can accomplish with Scaler. Key switching recently got my attention as I started playing with derivative Scaler expressions and the fast tempos that result. The range of articulations w/in some of the orchestral collections were particularly fun so I was curious if I could trigger them directly from w/in Scaler patterns and performances. I’m just adding a trigger note(s) to existing chords so the custom names were just an organizing convenience. There is nothing stopping me from working with what we have now, and besides, I’ll be on to my next Scaler experiment in no time. :slight_smile: Thanks for asking.