Is it possible to transpose the internal engine of scaler?

Hello, is it possible for exemple that I transpose by x semitones the sound preview of the chords I am clicking on with my mouse on the “chord tab” ?

I know it’s a super weird question and I know I can manually transpose them. But what if I want to click on C maj, see C maj highlighted on the keyboard but still hear F major instead from the sound engine that’s previewing

I’m sorry, but could you explain why you would want to do this? Is it to facilitate compsing for insrtuments that are transposed such as the French Horn?

I like analysing and composing always using the same key (visually speaking) I know all scale degrees, all chords, all inversions, all extensions etc. in that key. So in the composing/early phase of writing, I like to visually always see the same key as I do not care about key differences when composing