Is Scaler community the most friendly?!

Apart from the Presonus Studio One community (that I know of), it seems this community is super helpful and friendly with a sense of humour & irony.

I am experiencing withdrawal symptoms from the numerous flame wars from the other online communities!!:face_with_hand_over_mouth::scream::confounded:

Sometimes I even think this community has no members because all is always chillaxed.

How is it possible to have a community without the associated chaos?! What’s the secret?!

Has scaler got mind control AI to pacify us & make us behave?!


Gentle peer moderation …


I can say a fortunate collection of auto-MIDI-controlled musicians

And a few cops ready to hit riots with B flats and Larghissimos (≤40 bpm)


Hey @kafulu, IMHO a great question.

To build on the comments above and noting how lucky we are to have the cast of characters we have, I believe the attitude of product team leadership also goes a long way in supporting that chillax tone you so accurately describe.

Having spent years in product dev, I know responding to customer comments and complaints from the high road can get exhausting. I think the team’s constant efforts to keep things generative sets a tone that is reinforced by the wisdom of many in this community.

As a “psychologist” I’ve also wondered how our international mix as well as our age demographics contribute to the relaxed vibe, thus giving us space to be awkward or messy without people losing their minds, feeling attacked or otherwise traumatized.

This community is certainly one of Scalers hidden gems…thanks for calling it out.



Thank you for the kind words, @kafulu. I feel the same. My hunch is that many of us here used making music as a form of escapism from the pandemic induced stresses. When that is your goal, you are less likely to create more stress. We did have one or the other troll here, but I too was surprised how few of them showed up here, and I don’t know what magic the admins perform on the backend to manage that. But they have been pretty responsive when discussion threads became dehumanizing.

At this occasion I want to also express my gratitude how lenient @davide , @Ed1 , @luapmartin , @Frederic, @james and team have been to let us discuss topics not related to Scaler, and sometimes even about competing products. Additionally to their social intelligence, it speaks to their business acumen to learn from their users what other needs and sentiments they have on their mind, which could inform future product features


I think the average age is older than most people realise so it’s a maturity thing plus we love scaler and we have some really interesting characters. If this was the old days of the bulletin boards we would have a users group and all meet up with our scalers and cups of tea every month! Maybe one day we can be rich enough to host a launch and invite our regulars. I do love this forum though and Ed and I never intended it to be so popular but shows how much love there is for Scaler! Thank to all for the wonderful support.


I think the devs involvement & the software is really great is going to keep the vibe positive. There’s not really much to argue about. In my experience I don’t tend to find it especially negative within a software’s own community.


Try the Avid ProTools community, if in doubt just YouTube some DAW & plugin companies. They even banned one of their users that have supported for years. This even applies even in the FB groups.

The communities I see way ahead of the bunch are Scaler and Presonus. I can’t vouch for the others.

FL Studio official group couldn’t even answer a simple question I asked. There’s plenty of rotten apples out there. Flame wars are the norm.

Thanks again for this peaceful and knowledge sharing community.

I am grateful for the sanity that prevails here. :clap:t5::fire::partying_face::star_struck:


Really great community here, I don’t post much at all but visit & stay up to date most days. Many peronal thanks to all contributors & the mods/devs for such an excellent product.