Is the song minor more suitable for singing?

Why are most popular songs better sung in minor?
When I try, I always find that minor is more suitable for pop songs.
It’s not sad. I also have many happy songs. I still think minor is more suitable for finding the feeling of singing.
In reality, the operation is like this. If I use major, I start in C major, and then I always feel that there are several chords. When I sing, I feel stiff.
If I start in a minor like Em (I). Then you can connect G (III), Bm (V), C (VI) or D (VII), which are very comfortable.
If the middle changes, it will be more flexible.
I don’t know if you have this feeling, that is, singing in minor is more flexible than major.
I want to know how it works. Hope to explore.

hi! yes i know that feeling u r talking.
for my view, its not “easy” its just, the feel and the harmony around makes u feel at a “low level” i mean, every harmony structure can deliver a unique specific feeling. so THAT maybe its the front door to feel some things more … “easy” to express (never forget to decipher the mood of that person) but u can do this on major scales too. The first thing to think before i start to build some harmony, its to figured out the range of “my singer” then i start to build.

hope this made a help for you.

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oh i forgot to mention, playing around those cadences its the other thing that can deliver a pleasure tension, i mean , that cadence its always on the “chords that bring the minor tension” into all of them !!