Is there a Scaler "Lite" that doesn't include extras like instruments, etc.?


I’ve got millions of instruments and don’t need any more. Is there a way to get a more skinny version of Scaler? Like Scaler Lite or Skinny Scaler or Scaler Skinny?

All I’m really interested in is the ability for it to find chord progressions when I play a melody into it. For suggestions of a variety of chords to use. All the other jazz can go down the sink… it’s a waste of CPU usage! I kind of wonder how hoggy this software really is?

With the noise it produces during demo, I am unsure I even want to demo this product. No other product that I’ve demoed is so paranoid of someone stealing their software than this one. If a hacker wants to hack a program to make it work for them, they are going to do it anyways. Putting that noise in your software is the main reason I’m looking for something else. I will be kind and not mention your competitor on your own forum.

Your competitor doesn’t have a demo and is reason I’m stuck between both of you. Either I pay and trust the other competitor…or download a obnoxious demo from a OCD paranoid company… choices are really slim.

In the end… I may not buy a single product and just do what I’ve been doing without them.

If you come up with a Skinny or Lite version of Scaler 2 or 3 … hit me up.

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A little over the top there @gtimmons. Calling us obnoxious is a little unfair - as is paranoid! I’d guess there are tens of thousands of people that use unlicensed versions of Scaler - good on them, I’d love them to enjoy it - they will eventually support us I hope.
The internal sounds don’t play on the CPU usage and Scaler is not such a CPU hog, many of us use multiple instances no problems. Finally at the risk of sounding defensive we don’t have a ‘competitor’ there are lots of great companies making great chord / midi plug ins. The more the merrier and the better for the music making community.
Oh and you can install just the five core instruments! I’d love you to get the same love we get from Scaler on a daily basis but if it’s not your thing - all good G!!!


I actually love many of the sounds on Scaler and think they are a great addition. If anything I want more and the ability to throw sounds into it.

But I do understand those that want to just use it for the Theory side of things. As mentioned that has always been an option on the install tho?

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Wow, good luck with that approach.

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,not very in my experience.

Answering anything on this thread is just feeding a troll.