Is there a way to create new chords with midi keyboard in Scaler 2.1?

I create a lot of chords in the edit mode. One thing I miss is to play around on the keyboard in Scaler, just playing simple notes like on a piano, and being able to capture a chord that I’ve played directly as a new chord. Is there something like this? The Capture function seems to only work for dragging midi in the sequencer, unfortunately.

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Scalar shows you the notes you play on the keyboard and shows you what chord they make so you can still discover chords that way.

Hit the detect button then the record button and record your chords.

Hi @clavia , check out this screen shot…


  1. Click on “Detect”
  2. Then click on the record button
  3. Scaler will record the chord you played on your MIDI keyboard

and, after you found a series of chords and see them in the first line next to Record, there is a way to move all them in a pattern?
I tried but unable to do it
it should be very cosy because this could skip the passage to select the name of that scale, driving you directly to the Edit area

You should be able to lasso them all and drag and drop to the pattern matrix or lasso and then right click and you’ll see in the menu “Add chords to (number selected)” > Add to current pattern, Add to new pattern, Add to specific pattern.

Yes, you should be able to drag and drop them from the top line to the pattern area. You can even lasso multiple ones at once.

I tried that and didn’t work: I don’t know why!
I can select one or all them but they don’t move

Those chords don’t look right. Those usually show up as a odd note during detection. It looks like Scaler isn’t seeing the whole chord? What happens if you click on just one of those? Detected chords should look like this…

What happens if you click on just one of those?

what happens is that Scaler plays those single notes…

but you are right Jamieh
it often happens that I ask Scaler doing something is not programmed for

in this case I played single notes, not chords, and it didn’t recognize any chords, obviously

today I’ll try again to build again that guitar riff I’m thinking about, but using real chords, and it will work for sure
thanks for now

@ClaudioPorcellana once you enter a chord via holding all MIDI keys simultaneously, you can have Scaler perform it in strumming mode…

Alternatively, you could create a custom chord in EDIT mode, by clicking on the notes in Scaler’s fretboard…

thanks for information, but today I did some test and I realized it’s too much complex than playing simply “chords with one finger” after having selected a phrase in my AAS Strum-GS

so I think that Scaler is:
more suitable for keyboards
less for guitar riffs, even if I was able to do it
about other instruments, I didn’t test them yet

have you tried piping your guitar’s audio signal into the audio detection version of Scaler? The update notes stated that they have refined the audio detection, maybe it’s worth a try? This way you could use your analog instrument to “enter chords” into Scaler?

I don’t have an analog instrument… :grinning:
I use AAS Strum-GS
and it doesn’t work, as in my first tests (I will do others using clean guitar, as opposed to distorted one) Scaler produced a series of single notes from the AAS Strum-GS chords

You mentioned the audio detection version of Scaler… mmm
I tried this as well but with Ableton you need a special plugin to output AUDIO to a MIDI channel
for example, Toontruck Ezbass has a plugin called Toontrack Audio Sender that does that

I don’t know if the internal tool of Scaler can be used to do that
maybe with 2 instances routed in some complex way?

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