Is there a way to quickly find specific chords without hunting for its corrosponding scale?

I just want to type in F7#9 for example and have it give me the chord. Dominant 7ths in particular I’m having trouble swiftly finding

Probably the easiest way is to go to the Edit page with the circle of fifths and click on whatever root note you want and you’ll get all the chords with a root F. No scale needed. You can do that for any chord and drag to a pattern slot.

I think you need the CHORD page where you can either type the chord name into the search box or as @jamieh says you can use the Circle of Fifths.

As @ed66 says and the chord edit page you can search as well although it seems you can’t type a # into the search field and have it respond. If I type F7#9 and it just shows an F7 but if you type F7 you’ll see the all the permutations. So you have 2 options that are quite good. You can also just create the chord there if you know that’s what you want.

Thanks legends! Appreciate the quick response