Issue editing chords using the fretboard UI

Whenever I try to edit a chord in the new Scaler 2, it won’t let me add any notes at all if I try doing it from the fret board view which I find practical for making sure chords are feasible on guitar.

The only workaround I’ve found for now is to add those notes in the Piano view and revert back to fret board view but it’s quickly a drag.

Using with latest Cakewalk version on Windows 10. Previous Scaler plugin didn’t exhibit this issue. Love the upgrade though! Really has loads more, just hope we can fix this.


Hi @RedFox and welcome :slight_smile:

this is definitely something we can have a look at.

Thanks for the suggestion.

@RedFox this works in Scaler 1. Unless I am mistaken, it seems to be broken in Scaler 2 :frowning:

Is it possible to Downgrade from Scaler 2 to 1 because this feature was the reason i bought it?


I’m new to Scaler 2. Amazing program, well done. I really like it.

Editing or Building chords on the fretboard would be the most natural way for me to work. Guitar is my primary instrument and it’s much easier for me to voice chords, voice lead progressions and add tensions to chords on a fretboard rather than the piano keyboard.

If this is not possible in Scaler 2, but is possible in Scaler 1, am I entitled to use Scaler 1 under the current license? Even while that is a backwards step, I assume chords and progressions built on the Fredboard in Scaler 1 would be able to be used in Scaler 2?

This would not be just convent, but tremendously useful to me.

Anyway, again, beautiful product. I am very pleased with all the features and the creative way it is all presented.



It’s already there. Just click on the guitar next to the keyboard on the upper left of the GUI.

I see the Fretboard, and Tunings but not how to edit a chord with Detect using it. I don’t have a midi guitar controller. I’d like to be able to click the notes on the Fretboard to create chords and scales with Detect. I don’t see any explanation of this in the operations manual.

I’m not sure I understand what you are trying to do exactly. You don’t click on the keyboard or fretboard to detect chords. You drag and drop midi or audio to detect chords. Once you have the chords detected then you edit them in section C.


I see I said “detect” and that was an error. I’m still only a few days into the program but I’ve read the OM, watched the basic videos and worked with Scaler for a few hours.

I wanted to use the Fretboard to Edit Chords. I think I need to spend more time running the program and learning how it works.

I used Detect with the Audio Scaler and my Guitar. Chords type was mostly detected correctly, but not the voicing. I’ll spend more working with the program, but thanks for the reply.

You need to move the chords from the detect section A to Pattern section C where you can edit them, changing voices is easy. Detect area A is only for detecting.

Thanks. It’s getting clearer the more I work with it. That said, one of the very positive reactions I’m having to Scaler is how low the learning curve on this actually is. I was able to edit chords on the fretboard now that I see how it actually works. :slight_smile:

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I may be missing something, but this still doesn’t work as of July 17 2021.

I select fretboard. I want to make voicings in Open G. But you cannot select a note on the fretboard add create a chord like you could in Scaler 1. The voicing options are still afaik piano roll or staff like inversions, 9ths, 11 etc.

Hi @ToadHammer and welcome to the forum.

I just tried here and it works as expected.

From a fresh session, click on the Fretboard icon, then in Section C click on the “+” in one of the slots to create a new chord.
Click on the fretboard to add notes, your chord is created directly in the Section C.

The other chords visible in the panel are suggestions based on the notes you add.

I hope this helps,

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Open Ableton Live 11.

Drag scaler 2 to new track.

Select guitar icon on upper left.
Choose Open G.
Change sound to acoustic guitar.

Click + in lowest section, section C.

Click strings on fretboard, they sound but nothing happens.
Previously the toggled on/off as you added notes.
Literally nothing happens.

However, occasionally if I sort of randomly click on the fretboard, the suggested chords area flashes but you can not choose a box/chord.

In that case, it’s almost like it’s a graphical issue.
Thare are no stuck keys.

Windows 10, most recent updates.
Same behavior vst2 or vst3.

And thank you for your response.

Just tried again, same behavior.

In addition, if I select a note in keyboard view, the not stays highlighted as I select other notes.

If I then switch to fretboard, those notes remain highlighted, but I cannot deselect them or add any others.

Only in keyboard view.


I downloaded again and reinstalled making sure I was using latest 2.4.0 version and it’s working.

Thanks you guys so much for trying to help, I’m big fan of Scaler and Plugin Boutique.

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