Issue with keys-lock

When keys-lock is on, Scaler 2.6 doesn’t play the performance sequence for keys that are out of the scale/chord. Scaler only corrects the note and plays the single note (instead of the performance).

  • in the key C Major
  • have the following midi trigger notes: A, B, C, Eb
  • keys-lock on “scale-mode-mapped”
  • perform on: strumming/alternate/medium
    When I play in DAW (Logic), performance strums correctly for A, B and C but when it gets to Eb, it only plays the note E.

Has anyone else encountered this issue?
This is really bad for me as in my workflow as I heavily rely on the keys-lock feature to bring my external midi notes into the selected scale.

The C Major scale mode assumes that the E is natural and not flat. Try Chord Notes mode. I just tried it and it works for me in Reaper

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