Issues loading presets saved - logic glitches and doesn't respond

I saved a bunch of chords that I would potentially use in logics ( save file system that comes uploaded on every plugin ) and my problem is that im having issues with them loading - logic freezes and the application it can not respond - so? are they lost forever? I tried moving them into the plugin - im currently using them as a midi fx

Hi @au5t1nduran,

What operating system are you on and what version of Logic and Scaler are you using?
As far as I know you won’t be able to move saved .aupresets from the default Logic preset save location into the Scaler user content folder as they are not compatible filetypes.
We recommend saving and loading Scaler States and Chordsets via the user content menu inside Scaler itself rather than the Logic skin.

Here is a short video on saving and loading Scaler 2 States: Scaler 2 - How to Import & Export States - YouTube

You can also save individual chordsets by dragging them into the Section C Progression Builder and saving them (once saved they can be found and recalled from the User Content dropdown menu)