Italians do it better

Just discovered this channel, and I liked Italo Disco in the 1980s (Valerie Dore anyone?)

Italians Do It Better Music - YouTube

Closest to '80s vibe: ORION “HIGHER” (Official Video) - YouTube

How is this relevant to Scaler? I wonder what same 4 chord progressions they are using across the genre :wink:

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Speaking of Valerie Dore, re-watching her now made me fall in love all over again, similar 909 drum machine patterns across all songs (only Stock/Aitken/Waterman did it better), “live performance” playback from tape (self-confident lip-syncing), that cold vamp vibe (oh the hair! and a pumping fist as Billy Idol, my other love), and not to forget… lots of reverb. Plus, amazing VHS video effects…how impressionable 14 year old gen-xers used to be.

Valerie Dore - Get Closer (Live) - YouTube

I think I am going to try a cover version of this, let’s see what vocoder can turn my big-guy voice into this lovely ear-candy.

Never thought playing Stock/Aitken/Waterman would be so hard…but I think I got close to the original sound, at least of the backing tune…
Valerie Dore Cover - Take 1 by Bernd@PDX (

OK, but now try the 2 most played ever



YUK, I had a retch re-listening to the Cecchetto vibe
not mentioning the Righeira’s video

Righeira was super-famous in the day, didn’t know they were Italian - the chorus/title of the song sounded Spanish. They reminded me of Laid Back - which we once impersonated in highschool (and no, no video recording ; - )

And wasn’t aware of the Aerobics video :wink:

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even worse, he was born in the same city I was