It's like a keyboard, but better!

I’m new to Scaler and slowly getting there.

I’ve been looking at the KEYS-LOCK options.

2022-10-23_10-41-28 (5)

This makes my keyboard much like the other stand-alone keyboards I’ve used, where you can play a chord in your right hand, even with one finger, while playing a melody with your left.

This is great for those who want to be creative without trying to do magical tricks with all your fingers simultaneously, which you can spend many years mastering, if ever.

It gives you the freedom to explore with far less constraint, but Scaler seems to take this further. While looking at the KEYS-LOCK options, I found that you can use the white notes for melodies regardless of the key or chords.

However, while exploring this exciting area, I kept getting stuck. I’m unsure if it’s a bug in the system or just me. Could someone please clarify each of the available options? Why do I need all the options?

Can I play the chords using my left hand on white keys only, whatever the key?

If Scaler is doing what I think it is, then the Scaler team is missing a marketing opportunity. Just using white keys, you can play any chord and melody in any key.