iZotope and Native Instruments are joining forces

Just received an email from Izotopes now
We’re joining forces with Native Instruments!

What does it mean for musicians?
I really don’t know, but maybe others are interested here

Nothing. Just that a real owner of both companies looks for synergy effect (a.k.a Yeti :laughing:). Better article on the topic here.

I see @lelek
but my post was rather auto-ironic, as I am the people that less deserves to comment about news in the music business…

interesting article anyway
I think I’ll change my avatar in Rabbit Creator

P.S: Instagram and TikTok are pure shit to me
I’m musically ignoramus but I love the old-school

Ha ha, don’t undervalue yourself - make it Rabbit Pro Creator :rofl:

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You are right, LOL he he

personally I’d rather that this alliance had been with Ableton than NI.

In any case it doesn’t seem like a merger but instead just two companies becoming owned by one venture capitalist umbrella-name

Maybe they will realize the the price difference between elements ($129), standard ($399) and advanced ($1,199!) offerings is ridiculous and start to offer individual modules as standalone or vst (like dialogue isolate)

Fine with me, I keep upgrading my Komplete Ultimate Collection every time a new release comes out. They might bundle all this into Komplete, which the makes it a good deal. Incidently I just bought an Izotope bundle during the winter sale, and was about to get Freelance Soundlabs’ NKS support for it. Might want to wait it out now until NKS is “Native” (get it? :wink:

you sure? at least NI is DAW agnostic (aside from aspiring Maschine some day to possibly grow into one?), with Ableton there might have evolved conflicts of interest with other DAW integration.

The things that happen, tsk tsk. Maybe some day Davide & Ed get double digit million offer from private equity :wink: We should have gotten serial numbers burned into our early-adopter Scaler versions :wink:

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