Izotope Audiolens on offer for zero until 22nd November

See summary of features on Introducing Audiolens: Get Any Reference Track for Mixing and Mastering - YouTube

Great thing but works only with Ozone 10 :frowning:
I tried with Ozone 9 Advanced. Nope.
I think it works with Neutron 4, too. I have Neutron 3.
I spent too much on new VSTs this year but I downloaded Audiolens and will wait to update my iZotope suite somewhere next year. Then, I’ll be able to use it.

I think to remember a similar feature exists already in version 9…

Yes, you can use the reference track in Ozone 9, but Audiolens allow you to keep your references in easy and organized way.
I just have them in a specific folder, but I like a lot what I saw in Audiolens. Pick it up while it is free and wait until you update Ozone :slight_smile:

It also works as a stand alone product, but I can already use reference tracks in Ozone 8 standard so I am not sure what the benefit is.

I added the reference tracks into standalone, but could not use it in Ozone 9 the way they described.
As i mentioned, i use the reference tracks in my version 9 of Ozone and the possible benefit of Audiolens would be the easier organization of reference tracks. Maybe.