Jamming forever with Scaler, AAS Strum and EZkeys

I am having a lot of fun with AAS Strum-GS 2 in Loop mode and the new pack Latin 2

And, I found a faster way to move Scaler’s chords in EZkeys where I can enrich them easily with tons of grooves

The starting routing:

AAS Strum-GS 2 in Loop mode where Scaler send the chords (red line with S) and I change loop with my hands at my taste

Scaler-guitar.xml (11.0 KB)

I record the guitar with all changes of loop I want, then I find a nice pattern for a vibraphone…

Scaler-piano.xml (11.0 KB)

And here s the trick: I D&D chords that are in Section C but directly and without recording anything in Scaler!

P.S. I did a mistake with the old screen-shot: it is the yellow circled chords that were moved in EZkeys, sorry

Then I double, triple, etc the series in EZkeys and I apply one different style to each

The result is a tune with a very variable accompaniment guitar, and a nice vibraphone with variations impossible to do with the sole Scaler

NOTE: the loop starts to change after the first 8 beats, so you can listen better the difference