Jamstix 4 amazing for jamming

And I also found that Jamstix 4 is an amazing auto-performer, just like Broomstick Bass, with the further advantage it can use EZdrums patterns (or just drive EZdrums) so I will not loose my purchases

I think I’ll buy it because its AI is more than enough to me

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Yes for jamstix 4. Been using for years and jamstix can be easy to use or a deeper program if you want something like that.

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too bad I found it just now: I could have spared a lot of money for the other drums plugin I have that is not so good for jamming

Have you used band in a box 2021? :grinning:

I think to remember I used a previous version, but never liked it

I am currently satisfied with the DAW and plugins I have, and changing them could be a big waste of money as most musical stuff cannot be sold

Now the band in box is real track. Many people directly use band in box for demo. I think you like all kinds of experiments. May be a good choice. In the past, your money was not spent in vain, and you spent a good time with you. First use the scaler to find the chord you like, and then try it on band 2021. I think it’s great. :laughing:

Free version? Or the $99 one?

I know what you mean. I spent my money on VSTs, Pad Controllers, anything to drum (and I have absolutely no talent for this bing-bang-bong stuff) before you directed me to Jamstix. I paid more than I would for this amazing software which I will use (free version for now) in more than one song, for sure.

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free version, but I’ll buy it as far I can

Try to wait until October or November, when there are great sales. That’s what I’ll do.

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thanks for the tip

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Around Black Friday, many VSTs are sold half a price. I can’t guarantee for this one, but it should be much less that now. BTW, one excellent example of using Jamstix.

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Just pipping in to say I am a big Jamstix 4 user. :grinning: Cheers.


I think I’ll be another one
even if I am quite sure I’ll use it at a very basic level, and just to drive EZDrummer

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