Jamstix + EZdrummer

I tested this couple just now and had a lot of fun jamming this

I have a problem with Jamstix: I am unable to output a sound good like EZdrummer one, so I’m still doubtful about giving EZdrummer away


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Just the opposite for me.

Here is an example of Jamstix. This drum track was pretty much exactly what I heard in my head. It took about a hours to flush it out in Jamstix. I am starting to see a trend. EZDrummer 2 has failed me several times recently, but Jamstix has done the job if you have enough patience to figure it out.


let me explain better
I said I cannot have a good “sound” from Jamstix
I didn’t mention the “pattern”

Yesterday night I read many fora where musicians claimed the sound of EZDrummer 2 (and other drums plugins) is better than Jamstix, at the point many use Jamstix to drive EZDrummer 2 (and other drums plugins)

In my particular case, I hate any kind of editing because my avatar: Happy Jamming

So I think I’ll keep my EZDrummer 2, and I’ll wait for a Jamstix rebate

thanks for your reply

Yeah, that’s right. I use Jamstix with Addictive Drums sounds. I really like this combo. And when i buy it, I’ll take Dark Side drummer. It’s less expensive than inviting Nick Mason to my home.:joy:

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Historically have always been very deep discounts at the end of year. Buy as much as you can. This is not like ToonTracks where the add on’s are the biggest part of the cost.

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are you an investment bank maybe?
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I noticed that the packs start at 9$, which is very reasonable.

If you like that, you will love the 40% off savings if you buy all nine minipaks. And even lower if you wait for sale time.

And sorry, I can’t provide any financing options. :grin:

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Nevertheless, Jamstix seem more suitable to complex editing, because using it to drum on a MIDI input doesn’t work quite often… and the videos available go for the complex editing so they are useless

I am starting to doubt I’ll ever buy it

Moreover, their last update is November 30th, 2020…
The project is still live?

Ya, the current PC version 4.0 goes back a year or two prior to even that. That is the way Jamstix has always been. Ralph is a one man show and not always working on updates. I have been around since the very early days and have seen years go by between updates. But Ralph has always been there to respond to a users need. Bugs, which there are few of, get fixed. Just my 2cents.

thanks for information @MusicStudent, but I have uninstalled it, because too often HAL9000 gets crazy drumming what he wants, no matter the cards I remove

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Now you have to enlighten us what HAL Nove Mille sings in Italian, since it doesn’t sound like the classic “Daisy” song in the original :slight_smile:

HAL 9000:
Giro giro-tondo,
io giro intorno al mondo.
Le stelle d’argento
costan cinquecento.
e la Luna canta,
il Sole rimira
la Terra che gira,
giro giro tondo
come il mappamondo…
The story in Italian

The first singing PC