Jazz & Switches

One of the most thrilling aspect of this pastime is that you have just bought AAS Strum-GS 2 All That Jazz sound pack! And decide to test it with a Scaler jazz pattern, but…

Your rocky naughty :monkey: deflects your finger toward Scaler Rock 6, then to Scuffham presets, damn! Your jazzy song is lost forever, LOL
Well, another time maybe

For this rocky song I used 2 Scaler instances (acco + solo), then one AAS Strum-GS 2 Jazz pattern, EzBass and EzDrums

For the guitar solo I used the AIR xPand!2 “+24 DynaWah Dirty Strat” + the Scuffham “Hard Rock Tasty Lead - Elevated Jam Tracks”

And here is No Jazz No No

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:metal: :metal::metal::metal::metal::metal::metal::metal::metal::metal::metal::metal::metal::metal::metal::metal::metal::metal::metal::metal:


thanks, Bernd

Actually, I am not satisfied with the guitar solo
I must learn to resist temptation to do too many notes :crazy_face:
fewer and longer (better) notes, i.e. more Santana or Eric Clapton, less Pat Metheny

I didn’t mean to rock on that hard, but the chat dialog didn’t let me submit anything under 20 characters. And even the space after the first hand was deliberate, because otherwise it would encourage me to “write a coherent sentence” :upside_down_face:

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How do you get this guitar-like expressiveness just through MIDI? Is that built into the existing patterns of these plugins? Or do you have a midi controller that allows for more expressiveness than a keyboard?

I often use dots or commas for that :grinning:

How do you get this guitar-like expressiveness just through MIDI?

I don’t know if I understand exactly what you mean… :thinking:

If you mean the “strumming” expressiveness, it is due to AAS Strum-GS 2 whose engine simulates a real strumming; this strumming is based on the pattern you select in the red circled area

Clearly, to audition you’ll use the Loop option, BUT to record you must drop a MIDI track and move the Scaler chords there, then you bring one (or more than one) selected pattern (from the red circled area) and drop it on the guitar track, and ultimately switch to the Guitar option so that the plugin receives both the chords (e.g. left hand on a guitar) from the MIDI track, and the strumming (e.g. right hand on the guitar) from the plugin track

If you mean the “svisata” (Italian term for solo; BTW @davide what is the English term for svisata? :grinning:) expressiveness, maybe it is due to the “AIR xPand!2 +24 DynaWah Dirty Strat guitar,” OR to the "Scuffham Hard Rock Tasty Lead - Elevated Jam Tracks preset”, OR to their combination, because I didn’t use any controller

what I mean by that is, when I watch a rock or metal band torturing their guitars, I see them bending strings, creating vibrato style effects, some have a lever that I think affects the pickups, and of course not to forget the stomp boxes, wah wah pedals, and getting closer to the amp/boxes to create feedback. That’s what I hear in your piece, and I wonder how you control the effects.

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I wonder how as well… even considering my keyboard cannot be bended
Maybe my rocky monkey did it
:monkey: :love_you_gesture: :guitar:

I have a Roland JD800 (1996), which along with most (??) performance synths has ‘aftertouch’ on the keys, so you can change sound when playing using the pitch, modulation and aftertouch (pressure sensitive) keys. One famous patch was its ‘wailing guitar’ patch, used on quite a few tracks of the era.

See "Water to Fire" - Roland JD-800 New Age theme - YouTube [move to 4:58 for the part to start] @ClaudioPorcellana EUR 2,000 and it’s yours :open_mouth:

Gotcha. What I also learned, some guitar patches, combined with GuitarRig seem to lead into the overdrive effect, as soon as multiple keys are pressed. I think it’s an audio effect that has multiple tones interact with each other to create that overdrive/dissonance effect possible in e-guitars.

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very cheap!
I am thinking it over…
what a pity, I had rather set my mind on it, but there is no space in my desktop

I remember there are a very few larsen effects outta there
One of them is this one

I tried it and was unable to have it working, but maybe others will succeed

Speaking of electric guitar simulators, does anyone use RealStrat? They have demo videos that show an impressive range of realistic articulations, but I’d like to hear from someone who has really worked with it.

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Hi @RandomS

Musiclabs guitars are the best ones to me!
I tested the Les Paul and loved it
They work well with Scaler
The only problem is that my weak PC cannot cope with sample-based plugins, and this is why I use AAS Strum GS 2 that is modelled


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I love NI’s Electric Sunburst Deluxe in melody mode where you can write single notes and articulate. Who needs a Gibson Les Paul when you’ve got NI’s Electric Sunburst Session Guitarist? | MusicRadar


This is exactly why I’d never buy it LOL

Joking aside, I believe you that it’s wonderful, but it’s sampled: no good for PC low in RAM and cores

Moreover, I looked many videos and read articles, and my final opinion is that mastering a virtual guitar (or other non-keybard instruments) with a keyboard can be easy if you master already the keyboard

Otherwise, the stepping curve is in par or longer that learning to play a real guitar

The only reason why I don’t buy an electric guitar and a bass (even if tempted) and learn to play them, is that the needed exercises (scales, etc.) are extremely boring to me, and the stress on fingertips unbearable for an owl: I cannot trim my claws

Well, Claudio, I have never tried to learn scales, I play guitar by ear. I have never tried playing piano either, until a few years ago, at the age well passed 55 and now I am not Arthur Rubinstein nor Oscar Peterson, but I am able to play piano at some extent and my family certainly doesn’t quit the apartment when I play. Yes, it is much easier than guitar because of its linear character, but just try to play along (improvise) over the songs of some guitarists you like (in my case, E. Clapton and D. Gilmour). You’ll see, it’s not the most difficult thing in the world. I was always on the “creative” side of music, meaning I didn’t like to play covers. I practiced with my idols, but after that, I tried to play what I imagined in my head. The influences are obvious, but it stays my music. So, buy a guitar, a solid practice amp (with headphone output to not “disturb” you neighbor and start.

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