I am bringing this up here because it was said before here that JMJ is a Scaler user, so hopefully he is lurking here occasionally…

With this new Amazonia album he has exceeded himself once more. He somehow manages to pick up threads from his older albums and expand on them decades later. So this new album sounds like a spiritual successor to Zoolook from 1984.

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SO,JMJ may have read my post. Hahaha :grinning:

Now you know my dirty secret, me only being here to butter up to my childhood idol :rofl:

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Great spot @Bernd Well the magnificent man himself did get in touch 1 year or so ago asking for latest scaler as he was using it in his current ‘project’ alas Scaler was likely involved! I work with many major artists but I was totally floored when JMJ approached us.


Thanks for the heads up on the album. Listened to the Binaural Version today on my walk. Quite different for JMJ. Loved the recording and the Binaural aspect. Felt like I had jungle around me even though I was walking in San Francisco. Top Notch.