Just bought Scaler 2, but found it to be 1.8

Hello, I just purchased what I thought was V2 on April 29, 2020, but after installation, I found it to be Scaler 1.8.

Is there going to be any grace period, such as the usual 30-60 day automatic upgrade if purchased within this time window prior to the next version release?

I can see that is is going to be an excellent tool for almost every musician. I would be willing to pay a small update fee if it isn’t too much. This VST is worth it.

Thanks for understanding and fielding my question.

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I just did the same thing. I watched the video in the most recent email, then went immediately and purchased what I though was Scaler 2.0. I’ve used 1.81 since its’ release. Now I have 2 licences of the same version. Please help.
Joseph Martin
Jazzman joe@martindigital.com

Have sent you both a private message.

I was also given the same impression.The ad on Boutique seemed to imply that the purchase was for ver. 2.0, but, 1.81 was delivered. What gives? PS. I bought Scaler on May 4th 2020. PPS., Am I out of luck by 9 days?
I will just add some more. Let see, I buy software, nine days before a free update is made available, but only within a slim two week window I cannot participate in without buying another license. To be fair, shouldnt people who bought within two weeks of its release, be covered as well?

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@stig I’ve PM’d you.

On Pb site say’s

''Buy Scaler 1 & Get a FREE Upgrade to version 2

(Release May 27th)

Note: The free upgrade is only available for users who purchased Scaler between May13th-26th 2020)’’

How do you get the second version?

I believe it will automatically be added to your account on the 27th otherwise you will receive a 100% off coupon code on the 27th. I will confirm with PB and report back.


I bought version 1.8 just a week before the free upgrade offer (arghhhh). It’s frustrating to have just missed the free upgrade opportunity. Do you have an idea of the price to upgrade?

That begs the question is the upgrade price going to be higher than $49

Have PM’d you.

This all being finalised by Plugin Boutique. Looking like upgrade price will be between 20 & 30 USD. We will find out very soon!

Based on all the new features you demoed in your video, I would consider that a real bargain.

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same here i had no idea i was using version 1.8

how can i upgrade or correct this ?

Thats if you just purchased it recently, probably less than a week ago. I dont know the exact date @joe02184

I‘ve the same problem, please help…

Anyone that purchased Scaler in May from Plugin Boutique will be fine. Please wait for official announcement from Plugin Boutique on Wednesday. If you purchased in May you will be contacted and see something in your account. I can’t divulge further other than to say they are looking after all current Scaler users.

Thx David for the fast feedback…
Perfect, then looking forward the few days…

Hi David, please help. I purchased yesterday and I haven’t received an email or anything in my account on pluginboutique regarding the free update to 2.0. Thank you for your time.

I Bought Scaler two days ago ,now I don’t see an upgrade of scaler 2

Hello @dennisross , @N.Haynie31