Just fyi ... Arturia Pigments v4 released, free for current users

Plus a bonus set of patches, and updates to Analog 4 and 5, plus Piano 2.


Thanks for pointing it out, hadnt realized that there was a major new version out…looks pretty cool! A friend of mine designed some of the 120 new presets.

Ok, the sale price of $99 is great. I see that it has MPE capability.
Does anyone use the Roli Seaboard Rise 2 with Pigments v4?
How does Pigments v4 compare with Roli Equator 2 regarding sound quality like is there much difference between the two?
Does anyone know of any other MPE controller that does the same thing as well as the Roli Seaboard Rise 2 for a lower cost than $1399.00?
Is there a way to program or fake MPE functionality in Pigments v4 with a standard MIDI controller like the AKAI MPK249?

I really like Pigments. Have it since v3 and it is probably my most used synth.

Unfortunately, it’s not the most performance efficient VST, it’s slow to load and takes up quite some CPU when playing. But at least the latter seems to have improved with v4. And since I have a good CPU, this has not been too much of an issue for me so far.

What I really like about it is it’s general versatility, the quality of the presets and the preset tagging / categorization system.

Can imagine that a lot of the presets work well with MPE or can be quickly adjusted to make use of the additional expressiveness.

Yeah, also asked myself the same question. Seems to be a really small and expensive market, ridden with problems to get anything in the first place. Some MPE controller seem to be sold second-hand to a price higher than they used to cost new.

That’s really nice. When I got Pigments 4 update, the Pigments 4 sound bank was the first I was playing through and I was really impressed by its quality. It’s a very high-quality, well curated selection of presets. Your friend must be a real good sound designer :sunny:

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I already had version 3, now there is version 4 and I really liked it. For me, it’s the best synth I’ve tried. However, I don’t have e.g. Omnisphre, so I’m bad at saying the best.

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I don’t think there is a ‘best’, as most synths try and target at a niche. I think Pigments is a great synth to have - I love it -, and not all that much overlaps the massive range of sound in Omnisphere. Pigments is much more ‘edgy’ (‘modern’?), whereas if you look at the user list for Omnisphere is largely about film scoring. You can almost do a track from some Pigments patches.

So, I’d tick your box for Pigments, but maybe put 'best in class '.

[Actually I found that many of the Arturia authored patches in Pigments are also in Analog V.]

Also, of course, Spectrasonics essentially focussed all keyboard sounds in Keyscape, and bass sounds in Trilian. Acoustic guitar sounds have now been centred on the ‘Nylon Sky’ add on to Omnisphere.

PS: Given the sort of trashy old fashioned electronic / trance stuff I tend to, my goto is DUNE 3. The main sounds designer is Kevin Schroeder, who has some pretty amazing credits Kevin Schroeder - IMDb . I won’t put a link to examples because the demos will have @ClaudioPorcellana reaching for a sick bag.

Finally, if you are into pads, @Bernd pointed me in the direction of Luftrum’s Lunaris. I’ve just upgraded to V2. Lunaris 2, Pads Instrument for the Kontakt Player - YouTube

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LOL, a big hug for your care

I love it, too. My favorite synth, definitely. Huge library of patches, fantastic sound, the possibility to creating new sounds are infinite (ask Venus Theory about it :slight_smile: ) , the UI is fantastic, intuitive, easy programable with CCs (or, in my case, natively working with Keylab MKII). Even at the full price, it is not extremely expensive. And, yes, many of its patches are in Analog V.
@ClaudioPorcellana - if you don’t have it, it is not Kontakt instrument and 99 bucks are really not too much for such a gem.

Well, I’ll see if they have a demo then

OK, demoed and uninstalled
too many buttons, too many presets :cold_face: :grin: :rofl:
Synths are not so enticing to me
With the sole exception of Minimonsta (so far)

this Schroeder?

I have Omnisphere, serum, the full Arturia V collection, massive, sylenth and a few other soft synths, and pigments is consistently the most interesting of the lot.

Serum is a bit more immediate for making a quick synth patch but I can get lost for days in pigments - that’s both a plus and a minus.