Just some ideas to improve Scaler


Just some ideas to improve Scaler:

1- Scale detector from a audio file.

2- A option to synchronize the progression builder with a DAW start/stop.

3- Each chord slot in progression builder with his own and independent note duration, eg: 1/1,1/2,1/4…

4- Key zones/layers to assign different scales across the keyboard.

5- Export Chord set also as a midi file.

6- Possibility to create presets to save/load the work.

Thank you all

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Thanks for the suggestions. We have heard some of them already and will discuss with the team what can make it into a next version.

In n°4, could you explain a bit more what you mean, is it about simply displaying multiple scales with the blue indicators on the notes, or having multiple scale-lock on different parts of the keyboard that you can perform on?

in n°6, I guess you mean a preset that would save more than just the chord set? What else would you want to be there when recalling your preset?


I think this is a very different ball game. Not Scaler territory. Melodyne’s.

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Hi Ed

Sorry for the delay!

The nº4 is the simple idea to define keyboard zones with chosen scales to perform on, like as we have in synths for sounds but in this case for chords.
For instance, imagine a minor scale (C variation) assigned by the user from C1 to whatever note it ends and other scale assigned to start from C3 and so on.

Now we have just one scale and his variation to perform/play and the idea is to expand to more different scales across the keyboard, i don’t know if it is possible to use the black keys and if you can reproduce the assignments in Scaler´s keyboard GUI that would be great.

Yes! in nº6 the idea is to save all the last work, including the result of scale detector, the last scale, variation etc you have select and the chord progression created to recall it later…


Hi pumafred

Maybe you´re right, but if Scaler had the possibility to hear and detect scales from an audio segment as we have in midi, i think it was very welcome and very useful feature and a good point of sale too.



Why haven’t I been using melodyne for this?!!? you’re a genius thank you so much

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Audio detection from Scaler is on it’s way. We are working hard on implementing it in an intuitive and accurate way so there is much testing to do to make it work as users would expect in the Scaler ecosystem. 2019 will see the next major iteration of Scaler that will effectively be a new piece of software with several major new features and enhancements.



Great to hear that a new major version of Scaler is coming in 2019!Will it be a free update for current users?
All the best,


How soon can we have expected Chord labelling… 1.6.2?..

Can we have an option where we could Colour Code our Chords in a Progression and this colours and labelling can be Carried over into the DAW Helps with Workflow when defining sections of a Song and which Chords in the progressions are to be used as passing chords etc… User can right click and also colour chord to define Emphasis later on…
Many Thanks

Hi samplifymusic

Great news!! Nice to hear that.



Chord labeling, is not something we are looking at integrating at the moment. We understand how it can be useful as a reference after dragging chords outside of Scaler but there are a few issues with this. For example, after dragging a chord, you can modify it by adding or removing notes, this won’t change the name of the MIDI part but the chord might now be different. We try to avoid this situation as Scaler is used by many as a learning tool.

About the color code, we are currently working on new features to help building more complete progressions with modulation and passing chords etc…
We haven’t decided yet how this will look in terms of user interface but we have been talking about maybe using a color code or symbols to show relations between chords. So yes, there will be something to help…
Regarding carrying this over to the DAW, I don’t think this is possible as the colors are handled by the DAW.

We haven’t agreed on pricing strategies internally as yet but there is a bigger team and significant resources behind the development of the next major iteration of Scaler, also a GUI redesign and a new approach to implementation and feature set will make it a different product - we will consider all of these things.

I think it is totally understandable that as Scaler grows and grows we cannot expect so many upgrades for free. I hope, however, you will be merciful in the pricing for existing users!