Just when you think you've seen it all

…you discover a chord like this…

I recorded it with E+F+G keys pressed at the same time :wink:

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Does it play the cluster?

Yup, Scaler plays back as recorded…

It sounds very suspenseful. It’s basically a E sus2 + minor 3rd, right?

A sus chord has the 3rd omitted hence the sus designation. There’s no 5th so I guess technically it could be a Em add F (no5). Or a 3 note cluster chord.

Now I want a series of those chords for a song called “Who Knows”, “Boh” or the so
:crazy_face: :grinning:

It could be anything. It’s a sound. One of the most often times that might come up for me is notes for an E7b9,#9, but It all depends on the context. Any tone in that cluster could be related to any chord having a close to distant relationship to the any chord’s tones or a tonal center (key). I’d never observed that Scaler does this. I’ll experiment with it.

If you just play 2 notes E + F Scaler says Em Second and E + G is Emin(no5).
Lists it as E Altered Scale.