Keep up the good work in the Circle of 5ths

When CoF preview was 1st released I thought my frequent use was due to it’s novelty. However, considering I continue to use it almost every time I am looking for a chord progression or a performance sequence, I really hope you guys still have it on your radar for continued enhancement.

In the spirit of visualizing a musical pattern, the ability to click within circle and explore paths as well as sounds in real time is a (IMHO) a great feature and one worth enhancing.

A couple thoughts on that:

  • Please maintain the current graphic’s scale, the size and space proportions feel just right. Much larger and it would be hard to click to a tempo (when capturing), much smaller and accuracy suffers.
  • While I’m not versed enough in music theory to really know what I’m asking for here, it seems a CoF that illuminated notes in a way that could steer guide someone along different musical paths could be really cool.
  • Maybe some kind of a recording feature. I use midi capture all the time, but since I’m wandering around w/in the circle trying things, it’s utility is limited. Having a very simple matrix representation of the selected notes that could be toggled on and off would make it easy to explore and record as you start, stop, reverse… I think of it like modified step sequencer.
  • While we are on the record topic, if I could also capture the (maybe quantized ?) timing between note clicks and then drop the whole thing into a pattern, I’m sure musical nirvana would appear on the horizon. :slight_smile:

As always, thanks for your efforts

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Thanks @TMacD the CoF will be a big part of future revisions. I love it and want more of it too. Thanks for feedback.

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