Key command or MIDI CC for the Bind MIDI function?

In Scaler 2.7, is there a key command that I can use to quickly switch between the bind chords and the melody notes in the lower octaves. So I can go from playing chords on C2 to play a single note on C2.

Not exactly, but you can set the range for keys for bunding in the Settings Menu. So you could either lower the bind range say to C1 or C0,

or raise it up high say to C5

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You can turn Bind on and off with either a key command from the Qwerty Keyboard or a MIDI CC number.
Right click on the BIND button and you will see 2 options. Choose Create Command Mapping

Select Advanced and you can either press a key on your Qwerty Keyboard or choose a CC number corresponding to a control on your MIDI controller for example MIDI CC #1 which is the Mod wheel but you can use any CC you have a controller for.
Screen Shot 2023-02-28 at 11.32.58 AM


Didn’t even think about this, thanks!

This is awesome, but unfortunately it doesn’t record the on and off switch. It records it all as chords even if I unbind the keys and play a regular melody.

Are you sure it’s unbinding?

Oh yea the key command works like a charm, but Scaler just doesn’t record the changes. So I guess it’s not a performance tool, but more of a utility. Perhaps a future software update.

Scaler won’t record those. Your DAW is meant to record those. No plug-in records CC data directly.

Correct. Yes when I record in the daw and bind to play chords in Scaler and unbind to play a non chord melody, the daw only records chords no matter if I bind or unbind. It’s okay though, I just moved the chords to C1 so I can play melodies around C2. Problem solved!

Yeah that would be the best way. No fooling around with timing that way.