Key Lock & Controller Issues

I can set up an instrument track in Pro Tools with Scaler and create a chord pattern and key lock the pattern [the "Scaler Track]. My Midi Controller [M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49] can play the Scaler chords in the pattern using the key lock.

However, when I route the Scaler track to another Instrument track with another plugin (i.e. Xpand) (the “Expand Track”) it will only play the Scaler chords in the pattern by clicking on the Scaler chords in Scaler. The Midi Controller will not play the Scaler chords that have the key lock.

Why has the Midi Controller stopped working in the new configuration?



Sorry…don’t know Pro Tools but when you say “key lock” are you referring to midi Binding (A) or Keys-Lock (B) These are very different things. The Bind buttons are what attach keys to chords. Keys-Lock lets you lock additional keys to the current Scale or active Chord (and more)


It sounds like you are not sending midi signals to the Scaler track…hence only the mouse works. Be sure your input instrument is still Scaler even though you are routing Scaler output to Xpand.

Good luck

Thanks for the clarification and suggestions. I was working with both the MIDI bind and Key-lock selected. Changing those settings did not solve my problem. I have found a work-around for my issue, where I record a part in a Scaler track, use MIDI capture of that recording and then drag that to an instrument track that has a different plug-in [i.e. Xpand].