Key / scale detection product question


I’m not sure if the latest version of scaler can support my 3 uses cases, if anyone knows please write, thank you.

  1. I drop the midi containing the chord progression onto scaler (use scaler to establish the key/scale for my track)
    This then shows me every single chord played, which is great but what i actually want is to see the unique chords and inversions, I. E. Not repeat chords.
    Is it possible to do this somehow?

  2. it possible to refine/filter the suggested scales I. E to only show. The 24 Major and minor keys?

  3. Is there anywhere, I. E. In the circle of fiths to select a series of chords and for that to imdicate the key/scale based on that?
    Use case - I I have an audio mix/stem, I know the chords but want to check I am specifying the ‘academically correct’ key for my production.

Thank you in advance

  1. You can right click and remove the duplicated chords in the detection
  2. Yes you can filter in the scale selector (see attached)
  3. Circle of Fifths in CHORD edit mode which you could in turn put in section C then right click to ’ DETECT’ (see attached)

Hi thanks for your response!

I thought it would be possible,

Re removing duplicate chords, are you referring to a setting/preference? or right clicking and selecting remove individually, I. E. Per duplicate chord.?

Yes indeed, removing each chord but we should allow a don’t detect duplicate chord. Maybe for the future.