Key switches while in sync mode, help!

Hy Guys,

I am using Scaler in a sort of and advanced “auto accompaniment” setup in ableton live:

I have one “master scaler” and five “follow” scaler", it works great but I would like to access some function of the “follow scalers” in an easier way than with keyboard switches.

Basically I would like to change the VOICE GROUPING options in real time, as it is playing for three of the “follow scaler”

At the moment I have managed to assign keyboard shortcuts for each state of the whole PERFORM - KEYS LOCK - VOICE GROUPING - HUMANIZE which is time consuming and unpractical. I see there is an option to do it with midi but I havent managed to make it work.

Any help from you power users would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Any of you have any ideas? Bump

Hi @fantomaz

you can do all this using the global settings of Scaler and use the Keyboard or MIDI mapping to enable/disable settings but it’s not ideal.

You could also drag chords in Section C, then from the EDIT page you can assign specific playback settings for each chord or create groups of chords with the same settings. You could create multiple patterns and groups and switch the current pattern via MIDI keyswitch. This would have the same effect as enabling/disabling global settings but might be easier to manage as each chord has its own set of parameters.

I hope this helps,

Thanks for your reply.

At the moment, I have managed to do it with keyboard shortcuts, but as you say it is not ideal.

I also thought of dragging chords in section c but it won’t work in this case as I have one “master scaler” and five “follow scaler” and I only want to modify voice grouping in one or two “follow scalers” at the time, plus certain scalers need to have specific midi key ranges that cannot change.

I know I am pushing the envelope a bit and scaler was not designed specifically for this, I am already super happy about what scaler does! :smiley: