Keyboard controller binding to wrong notes on keyboard

Hi, I have gone crazy and have tried everything I can think of. I have a controller that works fine on instrument tracks in my DAW. All the notes play as you would expect.
However when I am using it in scaler 2 and I bind a section to my controller, and I have my preferences set to use ‘white keys only’, the notes in the bind area that trigger chords are not white keys. Rather they are using some white and some black keys. When I trigger them in scaler, it works as expected.
My controller is a nectar se 25.
any ideas?
Thanks you!!

Hi @michaelwyoung2

when using the bind on white keys, Scaler does not disable the black keys. This allows you to play chords from the bound keys and potentially a melody with the keys outside the binding area (including black keys).

If you have black keys of your MIDI controller triggering chords that are bound to white keys in Scaler it could come from your controller or the MIDI being sent to the track being transposed a few semitones. In this case, a black key on your controller might actually send a white key message to Scaler. Check the MIDI settings of your controller and tracks.