Keyboard note input display not working for add/edit chords

While keyboard display of notes input is working fine for all Scaler2 sections, it does not for ADD NEW CHORD and EDIT CHORD feature.

Video capture:

It’s particularly noteworthy that visualization of note input in Guitar fingerboard section is not affected and working fine. I ask because I don’t know if that is happening only to me or I am not taking into account some configuration in this regard.

Visualization of notes in the keyboard is a important feature since it would helps for verify and “trace” the correct notes to build chords and scales. And it would also be great if the Add New Chord and Edit Chord functions could allow the input of notes from MIDI as is in the DETECT / Start analysis section.


Hi Carlos, did you find a solution for this? It is happening to me, too (and i cannot add to or edit the chord notes using the keyboard interface, as a result)